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Veterans Beauty Professionals Organization

"Our mission is to empower and support military and veterans as they transition into the civilian world by introducing the beauty industry.
We provide comprehensive training, mentor-ship, and sponsorships for professional growth and success."  



My name is Mihyon Cha

I will personally ensure that you are matched with the ideal mentor to help you reach your career objectives.


Mihyon D. Cha


US Navy Seabee

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Our Services

How we support,

Our community of veterans and instructors spans across the nation, with a shared goal of revolutionizing the transition process for veterans. Our focus extends beyond just helping veterans transition smoothly, as we are committed to empowering both veterans and their spouses to reach their full potential. We go beyond helping veterans secure jobs, as we strive to equip them with the necessary skills to pursue fulfilling careers in the permanent, Microblading, and micro pigmentation industry. Our vision extends beyond the present, as we work towards shaping a better future for those who sacrificed for this country.


We Provide a Roadmap and Guidance on which is the best education fit for you.


Having a mentor is one of the most important way of learning the trade.


Our experienced members will provide support and guidance to succeed.

What We Do...

The objective of the Veterans Beauty Professional Organization is to provide military spouses, transitioning service members, and veterans with the necessary resources to successfully transition into civilian careers. Through partnerships with prominent permanent makeup schools nationwide, we offer a comprehensive career transition program tailored specifically for active duty members, members getting ready to transition out, family members of military members, and veterans.

Our program participants are paired with mentors and are given a road map to a goal map to see if they are a good candidate for the program. If they are we help them pair with schools and business owners. We also meet in a once a month meetings with representatives from different industries to gain insights into the beauty industry like cosmetology, esthetics, permanent makeup and micropigmentation, and the list goes on and on. The gain culture knowledge, acquire technical skills relevant to their education and career path, and establish meaningful connections with both veteran and civilian professionals.

We conduct our Career Readiness Program twice a year during the fall and spring at no cost to veterans and their spouses. Our program is delivered by licensed Instructors from the Department of Education, as well as guest lecturers who are experienced professionals and executives from leading companies. This ensures that participants can actively network during the program and stay informed about current hiring practices. Our course curriculum has been approved by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and focuses on professional development and is regularly updated to incorporate the latest career and learning research.

Throughout the program, each participant receives personalized support from a beauty industry Coach. These coaches, who include alumni from the International School of Permanent Makeup, VBPO, company representatives, and other individuals passionate about assisting veterans in their career transitions, offer guidance, address personal transition and career-related queries, and help devise individualized career search strategies and plans.

Upon completing the program, participants emerge with a concrete plan to further their careers. They possess improved skills to articulate their military experience, a deeper understanding of Micropigmentation culture, and an expanded professional network. All VBPO alumni receive continued support in the form of career counseling and access to networking opportunities and professional development events held nationwide, both in-person and virtually.


“When I got out of the military, I had nothing. But, the beauty industry changed all that. Now I can make my own hours and have time for my family”

Mihyon C.

Bottom Line

About 200,000 service members transition to civilian life each year, according to the DOD, Some veterans may struggle to find civilian employment. For example, a veteran may not know how his or her military training could apply to a civilian job. Federal law requires DOD and the Coast Guard to establish centers to provide help. But rarely can you see any programs that involve the beauty industry. This is where we come in.

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