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Step 1

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Step 2 ... Specify on Email

When you email us, make sure to note clearly who you are. If you are an active duty member who is getting ready to transition, the spouse of an active duty member, a family member of an active duty member, a veteran, or a spouse of a veteran.

Make sure to Specify... Active Duty, Spouse, Family Member, or Veteran.

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Step 3... A Mentor Will Reach Out

We want to make sure to match you with the right mentor.  This is what we will do. We will listen to what you like to do. We can tell you what programs are out there and how you can get there, a tailored road map just for you. If you can use your GI Bill or not, if we can get you a sponsor or not, and if we can find you the school that will accept the GI Bill/Sponsor Program or not.  Once you are done with the program, we will set you up with a mentor who will make sure you are on your way to success and all your progress is satisfactory and good to go.

Step 4... See What Interests You

Step 5...
Zoom Meeting

If you qualify, we will set up a Zoom meeting to see which program is a right fit for you and give you a tailored road map. Let's go from there...

We'll cover topics like how the schools will cover the GI Bill if not, and how our organization will have sponsors pay for your education. How you will be able to go through apprenticeship programs and mentorship programs at no cost to you. And... We will have business owners share tips and tricks so you can start your own business.

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VBPO Guarentee

Regardless of your qualification status, if you were previously an active duty member, a family member of a veteran, or a veteran, you will still have access to our mentorship program, whether the school offers GI Bills, scholarships, grants, or payment plans or not. This program aims to assist you in determining the most suitable program for your current situation, your aspirations, and the path to achieving them, along with identifying which programs can facilitate your journey. Additionally, you can also benefit from the monthly mentorship programs we provide.

You can use this skill anywhere in the world!

We provide a range of courses tailored towards military family members, designed to give them the skills and qualifications they need to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Our courses provide military members, their spouses and direct family members an opportunity to learn essential skills, such as permanent makeup, microblading, scalp micropigmentation and more. With these skills, military family members can work wherever they are, either with their partner or on their own.

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