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It is essential to understand the unique needs and experiences of veterans when providing education. This may include providing resources and support for navigating the educational system, addressing potential challenges related to trauma and mental health, and offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate their military commitments. It is also essential to recognize and honor their previous experiences and skills acquired in the military and how they may be applicable to their education and future career aspirations.


Some Beauty Industry Jobs may include such positions as:
  • Permanent Makeup Artist

  • Estheticians

  • Makeup Artists

  • Cosmetologists

  • Hair Color Specialist

  • Photoshoot Makeup Specialist

  • Acne Treatment Specialist

  • Body Contour Specialist

  • Micropigmentation Specialist

  • Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

  • Laser Technician

  • Paramedical Tattooist

  • Skin Care Specialist


It is important that the veteran from military member be introduced to the knowledge and definition of all the options in the beauty industry. Many people one to be part of the beauty industry but don't know where to start don't know what is what and don't know how to get there. This is why our counselors will sit down one-on-one or do a virtual one-on-one and talk about all the options that are out there and how to go forward.


Once your topic of choice is selected we can go over how to get there by creating a road map tailored just for them.

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