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The Perfect Job

Considering the many challenges military members and their families face, particularly in terms of frequent relocations and unpredictable schedules, finding an occupation that is flexible, rewarding, and lucrative can be a game-changer. One such profession that I wholeheartedly endorse is that of a permanent makeup artist or a micropigmentation specialist.

Active duty military members typically have a set daily schedule, starting their workday around 6:45 AM and ending between 4 and 5 PM. For those seeking an additional income stream, working as a permanent makeup artist during the weekends offers an ideal solution.

This occupation is equally advantageous for military spouses. While their partners are at work, they can set their own hours, working as little as two to four hours a day, and still generate a significant income.

For the children of military personnel, this career offers a highly flexible job opportunity that can fit around their schedules. The demand for permanent makeup artists is high globally, offering the possibility to work virtually anywhere in the world.

Once you acquire the necessary skills, all that is left is to comply with local regulations, which usually involve obtaining a license, permit, or certification in the state or city where you intend to practice. For military families, the process is typically facilitated by the government, offering waivers, credits, or license transfer options, making it easier to acquire the necessary paperwork.

Now let's delve into the financial aspect of this profession. The average cost of a foundation course in permanent makeup ranges from $4000 to $10,000, with the training duration varying between two weeks to two months. Once trained, you could potentially earn anywhere from $100 to $1000 per hour, making it a viable entry to the 100K club.

At the start of your career, if you're working in a shop, you could expect to earn around 40% commission on an average procedure costing $350, which is roughly $140. Add in tips, and you're looking at around $160 for two hours of work. If you work 10 hours a week, that's a decent $800 weekly income.

As you hone your skills and build your clientele, your commission can increase to around 50%, which equates to $175 plus tips per procedure, effectively earning $100 an hour.

In my experience, after training, I started working independently with my clients, earning around $350 per two-hour procedure, plus tips. This meant I was earning around $200 an hour. I took on two clients a day for three days a week, earning $1200 for less than 10 hours of work. This income was higher than what I earned for 40 hours of my military duties.

When you crunch the numbers, you'll find that the initial investment in education can be recouped within a month, with subsequent earnings being pure profit.

To sum up, a career as a permanent makeup artist is an ideal fit for those with limited time or those constantly on the move. It enables you to work fewer hours, earn a higher income, and have the freedom to spend quality time with your family. Plus, given its high demand, you can practice this profession in any state, making it an excellent part-time job for those in military families.

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